What makes me buy a beauty product?

A few weeks ago arguments broke out on twitter when a well known YouTuber (Zoella) announced that she would be launching a beauty related product (looked like a fragrance). This resulted in bloggers tweeting their opinions and one thing led to another and before you know it, we were all bitches and not being supportive of other peoples success. I’m not going to get into the who said what (this is old news now), but it did get me thinking about what makes me buy a beauty product.

Will I buy the product based on the company/individual and just what is my motivation?

 I find I don’t make spur of the moment beauty purchases anymore. I think that this is because I have so much makeup and beauty related products already. I like to get to know a product before I buy it and I do this by reading reviews, watching video tutorials and trying it out myself. Overall, I really have to think if it’s worth it. For example, after a recent makeup clearout I still have 12 foundations, do I really need more?

Will I buy a product just because it was launched by a popular beauty blogger/YouTuber?

No, I won’t. It might be on my radar way quicker than other products, but I like to take my time, read reviews, watch tutorials and check the item out in the store. Going back to what Zoella is launching, if it’s a fragrance, I want to smell it before I buy it. So sure, when I’m next in boots or wherever it’s stocked I will have a little spritz, but I’m at the point in my life where I don’t need or can’t justify buying a product just because it’s the cool thing or endorsed/launched by a celeb/blogger. If I were a millionaire I might not give a hoot, but I’m not.

Do I buy products just because of the brand or endorsement from bloggers/YouTubers?

I used to, but not anymore. I might have had good experiences with a brand in the past, but that doesn’t guarantee I will love every product they launch. When it comes to what bloggers/YouTubers have to say, what works for others might not work for me. Are they saying extra nice things because they were paid to or because they genuinely liked the product? You never know. I have often read multiple reviews about the same product and thought they were written by the same person. Like I said above, I will research an item before I buy it, I will get the view of bloggers/YouTubers who have already tried it and I will see what regular consumers have to say about it. After all that, I still want it, then no one can hold me back.

How do I feel about the success of other bloggers/YouTubers and their product lines?

I’m happy and supportive of their success. They show where passion and hard work can get you. I’m sure every blogger wants to achieve that kind of following or have the same opportunities. I’m not even in triple digits on blog loving so can hardly mock the success of others. 

So forgetting all the drama, what makes you buy a product?


  • I’m exactly the same. Obviously not with make up/beauty products as I wouldn’t know where to start. But say, celebrity endorsed fashion ranges. In fact it puts me off? I obviously will browse the collection and if something does take my fancy, fair enough but just because it has a big name behind it doesn’t mean it forces me in to liking it anymore!
    Rebecca xxx

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