What I Got For Christmas & Sales Shopping

I’m so nosey and love reading these type of blog posts or watching these videos on YouTube, so why not do my own post??

I love Christmas. I love seeing peoples reactions when they open their gifts and obviously I love to open my own too. I had no idea what I would be unwrapping this year and all I really wanted to unwrap was a new dressing gown and a pair of slippers! Sadly I didn’t get either for Christmas.

This year I found a beautifully wrapped box under the tree from Harry and inside was this Julien Macdonald bag and I remember lusting after this at the start of the year. I can’t believe he remembered and bought it for me. Thinking I just got the bag, I was about to put it to one side when he told me to check the pockets inside. In each pocket I found some shopping vouchers and he explained he wanted me to treat myself when we went sales shopping. How thoughtful!

Julien Macdonald handbag

Next I opened my gifts from my mum & dad and I was surprised to find the Bonbon fragrance gift set. My flowerbomb perfume had just run out so this was a great gift to receive. She also got me the Laura Mercier body wash set. Speaking of Laura Mercier, Harry’s mum got me Laura Mercier Sweet Temptations Creme Brûlée Duet, so I feel very spoiled.

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon

Laura Mercier Creme Brulee duet

It wouldn’t be Christmas without receiving a hat, scarf & glove set and I got a pretty one all the way from Moldova from my brother. I got some bedhead products from my other brother and that is about it. Oops! I almost forgot to mention the date night gifts we got as a couple this year. No, it’s not what you think you naughty people! My aunt struggles to get us presents, so this year she gave us some cineworld gift cards. We love going to the cinema, so these will come in handy.We got some more cineworld gift cards from my other brother, along with a pizza express gift card. See, date night gifts!

I was lucky enough to work on some secret santa campaigns before Christmas (check out my Christmas Gifts With George post) and I also took part in a Christmas jumper secret santa with Workwear Express. I got to pick a Christmas jumper for another blogger (wish I could tell you but it’s a secret!) and another novelty gift and then some elves delivered my own jumper and mug to my work. As soon as I opened it – I promptly put my jumper on and made a cuppa in my Bah! Hum Mug.

Workwear Express Xmas jumper


Bah! Hum Mug!

I really love the mug, seriously give me a new mug and I’m happy and if it wasn’t for the Christmas tree, I think i could use the mug all year round. Do I really have to put it away until next year? Opinions in the comments please. I was really surprised by the quality of the jumper and it is super warm. I wore this on Christmas day and for sales shopping. I’m a little sad to have to put it away until next Christmas.


It’s become a tradition for Harry and I to go sales shopping. This year we actually booked to stay at The Premier Inn Trafford centre for two nights. I had vouchers to spend I love to get my hands on those reduced boots gift sets and other beauty sets. I don’t know what happened to me this year, but I lost my sales mojo. My purse was stuffed with shopping vouchers (thanks Harry) but I couldn’t really find anything to buy. In the end I treated myself to a sanctuary body wash set and a few soap and glory sets. One thing I was happy to pick up in the sales, is this Pretty In Pink set from Laura Geller. A bargain at just £12.75 and includes the amazing Spackle Hydrating Primer, Baked Gelato Swirl Blush – Rose and Colour Luster Lip Gloss – Berry Smoothie.

Laura Geller - Pretty In Pink Set

I treated myself to some new slippers (can’t resist pandas) from Debenhams and I’m still on the hunt for a new dressing gown.

Totes Panda slippers

That is about it really. What did you get for Christmas? I would love to know.


  • Sometimes we just want the simpler gifts! I don’t think people believe each other when they say they want slippers, socks or whatever lol. I got the dressing gown you wanted though haha. 😉 Amy x

    • Socks! I need socks. So you have my dressing gown…

  • Aww pandas!!

  • Kel

    I DID get a dressing gown, but no slippers! :p

  • Ben Stones

    How long will the ears last?

  • I adore the Christmas jumper! It also sounds like Harry did very bloody good. Hes a keeper ❤️
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

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