Weight Watchers: Week 1

I mentioned in my New Years post that I wanted to continue on with my health and fitness journey in 2015 and part of that journey is following the pro points plan from Weight Watchers. I have been back on track for 3 weeks now and I thought I would turn this into a weekly post to share my results, tips and Weight Watchers experience.

Why did I choose Weight Watchers over any other plan?

Over 10 years ago I lost a lot of weight following their old plan, so when it came to looking at my diet it just seemed like the obvious option. I should mention that when I lost all that weight 10 years ago I did a really good job of maintaining my weight, that is until I met my boyfriend, got comfy and put on 4 stone. I am sure a few people can relate to that. What I like about the plan is that I can still eat the foods I enjoy by adjusting the portion sizes or finding healthier/lower point options and eating out isn’t too much of a problem. You get a daily points allowance and a an extra 49 points to spread across the week. You can also earn extra points that are called activity points by tracking your exercise with Weight Watchers. I got a Jawbone for Christmas and synced it with my Weight Watchers account so that I can track my¬†walking and gym sessions. Like other subscribers I try not to use these activity points, but it’s nice to know there is something to fall back on if I do have a little splurge.

So, I rejoined Weight Watchers last October¬†and managed to lose 1 Stone by December. In December I made the decision to stop tracking what I was eating and enjoy Christmas. This didn’t mean that I went crazy and forgot all about Weight Watchers, I was still being mindful of how much I was eating and trying to make healthier choices where possible. This resulted in a slight gain of 2 pounds, but not as bad as I expected. After Christmas was out of the way I was determined to get back on track.

How did I find week 1?

I thought I was going to struggle week 1 and suffer from Christmas food withdrawal symptoms, but I was surprised by how easy it was to follow the plan. I discovered the new Balanced For You range from Marks & Spencer and these healthy meals really helped me stay on track and not feel deprived. Now that I feel stable on the plan I will stop relying so much on prepared meals and make my own.


I lost 2 pounds! Not going to win slimmer of the week, but it made me happy and gave me that positive push to keep going.


  • This is awesome! I’m looking forward to reading your posts. I too am trying to lose weight with a mixture of diet & exercise, I don’t want to deprive myself so I’m trying to be good but with a few treats now & then! I hope it’s all still going well for you, next update please.
    Rebecca xxx

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