Trend Alert: Chains

chainsI do not pretend to be a fashionista, I tend to go with the flow and see what’s out there, so I feel a little cheeky doing a post titled ‘Trend Alert’. What I can claim to be is a compulsive shopper and frequent online store browser. I couldn’t help but notice that chains are everywhere I look. From statement necklaces to bags and shoes, you can rock this trend your way and look like you know what you are doing. I was having a browse of River Islands website as I have some vouchers to use and decided to shop the trend with them. 

These are my top picks from River Island:

1. Gold Tone Eclectic Gateway Bracelet – £15.00

2. Yellow Chain Trim Slouch Bag – £30.00

3. Gold Tone Drape Curbed Chain Necklace – £12.00

4. Gold Tone Curb Chain Ring – £5.00

5. White Patent Snaffle Trim Loafers – £28.00

I added option 3 to my basket and have dropped a pretty heavy hint to my mum, that she needs to buy that bag for my birthday. When I say heavy hint, this involved me calling her over to the computer, pointing to the bag and saying “I would be happy to open that on my birthday”. Kudos to her because she had already thought about getting me a bag. Now I tried to keep this affordable and picked the above, but I couldn’t resist adding the necklace below to my basket as it’s soooo pretty.

riverislandneckAbove: Gold Tone Multi Row Chain Medallion Necklace – £30.00

If River island doesn’t float your boat, there are some great options elsewhere and I found some great pieces from George@Asda and Topshop.

Are you already rocking this trend?


  • Corinne C

    When I was 14 and a chav, I loved gold. Then I went all silver and turned my nose up at gold, thinking it was chavy and tacky. Either I’m turning back into a chav, or I’m heavily influenced by blogs, but I’m loving these items. The yellow back especially!

    Corinne x

    • Haha! Back in the day. I was never really a chain girl and I usually prefer silver or white gold, but I’m loving these. x

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