Things I’m Loving


I have seen this type of post all over the place and thought I would jump on the bandwagon. Once a week I thought I would share my current loves and can’t live withouts. So, lets get started:


Ghost- Ella Henderson; I am in love and beyond obsessed with the debut single from Ella Henderson, her voice sounds amazing and the lyrics trigger something in me every time I hear them. I don’t follow shows like The Xfactor, but I do recall a buzz about this talented lady when she was on the show. Ghost is on a constant loop for me and I can’t wait to hear more from this lady.

Before Ghost came on the scene I was hitting replay on ‘All of me’ by John Legend. It’s been ages since I heard a good love song (they don’t write them like they used to) but this pulls at my heart strings every time. I think I saw somewhere that he wrote this love song for his beautiful wife and that he performed it for Kim and Kanye at their wedding.The tiesto remix is great for when I want something more upbeat and it is my summer anthem for 2014.


I am having some fab skin days lately and I am convinced it is all down to the twice daily use of this L’oreal¬†Micellar Water. (click here for blog post) I usually like to go full coverage, but I am getting away with a little concealer and a dusting of powder foundation to set the concealer and reduce shine. I have been using the BB mineral veil from Bare Minerals or a little of the balance n Brighten from Laura Gellar.

Speaking of Laura Gellar, I can’t go without applying the Honey Lavender highlighter to my cheek bones everyday. It is the best and most beautiful highlighter I have ever come across and that includes the soft and gentle from MAC.


You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone rocking this trend and as far as fashion trends go, I’m soo glad it’s comfy and open to all sizes. I am talking about ‘Ruched Trousers’ I am sure they go by other names but this was used to describe the ones I bought. You can get these from everywhere and in all sorts of colours, patterns and fabrics.¬†

That’s it for this week. Any of the above working for you? Are you loving or hating my faves?


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