The Reverse Hair Wash


So I was very wary about giving this a try, especially first thing on a Monday morning when I am rushing around to get ready for work, but after reading about it this weekend I was definitely intrigued. The idea of conditioning before shampooing is just weird to me, but with the promise of smooth, manageable hair and an extra day between washes, I figured it was worth a try.

So I began by using my Avon Argan Oil conditioner and massaging it into my hair. I was surprised by how good it felt and how easy it soaked into my ends. When I rinsed it away I was tempted just to stop there as my hair felt so lovely, but I knew I needed to complete this little experiment. After applying my Avon Argan Oil shampoo the doubt really started to set in. The shampoo didn’t lather as easily as it normally does (I like a good lather, makes me think it’s working and cleaning my hair) and it felt like I was massaging my hair into tangles. After rinsing out the shampoo, the texture of my hair did not feel the same and I thought I was going to have issues getting a comb through my hair. As it turns out, getting the comb through my hair wasn’t really a big issue, I have really thick hair and working a comb through after washing usually requires a little effort anyway, what was a little more?¬† At this point I wasn’t too convinced I was going to get the results others had. My hair felt a bit rougher than usual before drying, but I was running out of time so decided to just go for it and dry my hair (I could always wash it when I got home again).

Day 1

I have to say, after completing the drying process my hair looks and feels so much better. It is actually smoother and more manageable. I have more volume (for some one with thick hair you would expect volume, not usually for me I’m afraid) and I have lost those annoying fly away hairs I get on that first day after washing my hair.

Day 2

Looking good. Hair still looks as fresh as the day before, only thing I have noticed is it feels a little tangled in the morning. Could just be down to moving around in my sleep (a longer study is required). The dry shampoo has not needed to make an appearance.

Day 3

How many people can say they have made it to day 3 without the need of washing or using dry shampoo? Me! I can say it. Hair is still looking good, still has volume and is as manageable as it was on day 1. Do I dare go four days without washing? I honestly  think I could, sure by tomorrow dry shampoo might be needed.


I have only done it just the once (for now), but this really seems to work. I have gone 3 days without having to wash my hair. I normally need to introduce dry shampoo on day 2 and use a lot if I can’t be bothered to wash it on the 3rd day. From day 1, my hair has been smooth, manageable and not without volume. Not to mention my hair has managed to withstand my constant twirling and touching. I will be trying this for a longer period to see if I really should switch to conditioning before washing.

Go on, give it a try. I would love to hear if this works for you.


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