The Decanter Wine Bar Leeds

I do love a nice glass of wine every now and again, so when Independent Leeds invited me to a wine tasting event at The Decanter Wine Bar in Leeds city centre, I really couldn’t refuse.

Decanter Leeds

Before starting the wine tasting we got to meet the owners of the bar, Alex and Alison and get to know a little bit more about the bar and the wine available. Alex was our host for the wine tasting and he kicked things off with a glass of Palmer & Co Brut Reserve Champagne.

I can honestly say this was the nicest champagne I have ever tasted and even if you don’t recognise the name, you have probably tasted this before but in a bottle of Moet and that is because when Moet are running low, they use Palmer & Co, apparently you can’t tell the difference. For those of you wanting to know a little bit more about the flavours of the champagne, it’s a rich and wide aromatic palate of white fruits, pear, baked apple and apricot, subtle notes of, honey, hazlenuts, dried currents and brioche.

Champagne at The Decanter Leeds

To be honest I would have loved to have continued drinking the champagne for the rest of the tasting, but that would have defeated the point, so on we went to our first white wine of the tasting, Cautro Rayas Sauvignon Blanc 2014 Vintage. I only drink white wine or the odd glass of Rose, so my knowledge and tastes are limited, but I really liked this wine and it’s hint of tropical flavours.

Cuatro Rayas wine

Our second glass of wine was Best’s Great Western Riesling 2012 vintage and for me this second glass of white was much stronger than the first.

Best’s Great Western Riesling 2012 vintage

Before moving on to the red’s we had a little break and the chance to nibble on a yummy cheeseboard. Wine and cheese, what perfect way to spend any afternoon, not to mention getting to sit around a table with some of my favourite bloggers.

Next we moved on to the red’s and first up was a taste of Domaine Eric Louis Pinot Noir 3013 vintage. Honestly, I really don’t like red wine and this was wasted on me, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Like I said before, I’m no wine expert, but I know my dad is very partial to a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-pap and he would have loved this La Bastide Saint Dominique.

After so much wine and champagne, you can’t blame me for being a little merry by this point, but I was soon very alert when a Fromage Langres AOC landed on the table. If like me you have no idea what one of these is, it’s a cow’s milk cheese, cylindrical in shape, with champagne poured in the middle.

Fromage Langres AOC

Before leaving I got to have a good look at their impressive wine cellar and take few snaps, including this lovely one of the bar’s owners, Alex and Alison.

The Decanter-Leeds

The Decanter menu

Decanter Wine Bar Leeds

The Decanter - Leeds

So if you are looking for a new wine bar to try, I really recommend visiting The Decanter.


  • Jessica Nelson

    Mmmm cheese and wine – perfect! I always hear The Decanter mentioned as a great location for a first date, and I would love to try it

    Jessica In Your Ear

    • Ooh it would be! Its quite intimate in there x

  • Kel

    In my student days, I was very familiar with Asda’s range of less-than-three-pounds-a-bottle wines, and I can’t say my knowledge has improved an awful lot since then! This looks like a grand event – anything that’s educational but with cheese and wine is definitely a winner!

    • My knowledge is very limited and I was only really a fan of the white wine, but it is a lovely bar to visit and wine and cheese is definately a winner x

  • mmm champagne and cheese, do of my favourites ”C’s” – I wish I could have joined you but the normal wine would have killed me.
    Bee |

    • The champagne was so good x

  • I loved this place need to go again soon

    Carrieanne xx

    • Yes, we should plan something x

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