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One day out of nowhere I got a notification from twitter to say that I had been followed by @TheCityGirls. At this point I had no clue what or who they were and thought that some exclusive club had decided to follow me. A little digging and I discovered that The City Girls is actually a collective of UK bloggers, founded by @lornadevans and @teaandblush, with the the aim to bring bloggers and brands together. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

I was lucky enough to be invited to their second event held at The Liquorist in Leeds and after reading posts about their Sheffield event and following all the Twitter activity before the event,I knew this was going to be something special. I arrived at the Liquorist and promptly ordered myself a Virgin Apple Mojito and headed upstairs to meet our hosts.

The Liquorist Leeds

Before kicking off the event, Holly & Lorna introduced us to Suzie from Leeds Women’s Aid and she chatted to us about the charity and the important work they do. Leeds women’s aid are always looking for volunteers and of course require funding to be able to do what they do and it was great to hear that the money raised in raffle tickets sales on the day would be going to the charity. Holly works for Aviva and they generously arranged to match the amount we raised.

Lorna & Holly explained how the event was structured and let us loose on the many brands there on the day, along with all the goodies around the room that other brands had sent. First stop for me was a visit to the VOSS Water table and pick up my own VOSS bottle.

Voss Water

Next was a stop at the Derma V10 table to collect my very own box of Derma V10 goodies This is a new brand for me and I can’t wait to give their products a try.


Opposite I discovered Manuka Doctor and had a quick chat about this brand and I was given my own bottle of Lip Enhancer to try. On the next table I discovered fashion from Kendelle. How amazing do these clothes look and I am in love with this print.

Kendelle Fashion

I was over the moon to come across this table covered in Michael O’Mara colouring books. I find colouring so therapeutic and I couldn’t believe I was getting to take away my own book.

Michael O'Mara Colouring Book

By now my hands were pretty full and it wasn’t over yet, I cursed myself for only brining my mini Zatchels bag. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I managed to catch Holly and ask if she had a spare bag and luckily for me she did, so I was able to put my growing City Girls loot in a handy tote bag. Not before Holly gifted me an awesome pet brush from Tangle Angel

Back on track after securing a bag I got to pick up my own bottle of Angelica nail polish. Right next to these polishes were cute little candles from Twig + Dot and some Virtue Ice Tea.

angelica & virtue

Still with me? It’s not over yet. I decided to take a little break and went to get myself another cocktail from the bar. This my friends is a Strawberry Bellini.

strawberry belini

Whilst sipping on this delicious cocktail I took stock of my surroundings and I can only describe the scene as being like Christmas in July. Goody bags were piled up in corners and bloggers were organising their loot in little piles in different corners. Kind of like you do on Christmas morning after opening your presents, or is it just me that does that?

After a refreshing drink and catch up with some of my favourite bloggers (shout out to Ellie & Bee) I headed on over to Nails by Ivy to watch some manicures that some lucky bloggers queued up for. 

Nails By Ivy

I then bought a couple of strips of raffle tickets before visiting Holly and grabbing yet another awesome gift, this time from Oates&Co. I got a beautiful candle holder that goes perfectly with my Twig + Dot candle.

Benefit makeovers were taking place in the corner and I was tempted to queue up for my own, but then these yummy cupcakes captured my attention and I was lost in cake heaven.

The City Girls

I got to have a catchup with two lovely ladies fromThe Body Shop who had come to share recent product launches with us and give us a sneak peak of their new Italian Summer Fig Eau De Toilette. This smells amazing and I think the packaging is great. It’s definitely on my to buy list and I believe it is out now. 

Italian Summer Fig Body Shop

Finally we get to the raffle. We had all been drooling over the awesome prizes up for grabs and I was lucky enough to win this Angel Tangle Teezer.

The City Girls Raffle

Before gifting us our amazing goodie bags Holly & Lorna had one more surprise for us. Brownies from Brown & Blonde. My picture doesn’t do these justice and I can honestly say it was the best brownie I have ever tasted. I ended up choosing this salted caramel brownie and it was delicious.

Brown & Blonde Brownies

If you made it to the end, well done for sticking with me. I will be doing a separate post dedicated to the awesome goodie bag soon, but I think we can all agree this was an amazing event and Holly and Lorna did an amazing job. Special thanks to all the brands that contributed to the event.

The event managed to raise £240.00 for Leeds Women’s Aid and with Aviva UK promising to match the donation, that means we raised an amazing £480.00.

I will leave you with a picture of these two fabulous ladies.

Lorna & Holly



  • Donna Dyble

    Haha, i too make a pile of presents in the corner & did so at this event. Your cocktails looked amazing! Lorna & Holly did an amazing job & i had a blast. Hope to see you again at a future event x
    Donna – midlifecrisisbeautyaddict.com

    • Haha! It’s like this is my pile, back away from my stuff. Thanks for reading, I know it was a long one, but I just felt like I couldn’t do it justice.I think it was my first time seeing you, so hopefully will see you at future events. Enjoying that colouring book?


  • Kel

    Heard so much about this event, glad you had a great time!

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