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There are so many great places to eat in Leeds and I feel like I discover a new gem every other week thanks to blogging. Today’s post is all about The Black Swan on Call Lane and their new menu. Not so new now, because this post is a little delayed, but if you like what you see you can pay them a visit and sample the delicious food for yourself. When I arrived I was ushered upstairs to their restaurant and terrace and I have to say I fell in love the atmosphere and decor immediately. How beautiful are the wooden tables with candles and flowers?

The Black Swan Leeds

Not long after arriving I was offered a cocktail (it’s like they knew my weakness) and some delicious canapés. I went for a cosmopolitan and brace yourselves for this confession – it was the first one I have ever tried. I know! How I have made it this far through my cocktail drinking life without one is beyond me and as far as first times go, it was very delicious.

Black Swan Cosmo

One of my favourite canapés was the goats cheese with beetroot, it tasted amazing and I couldn’t resist going back for more. Another favourite was Onion 3 ways- Onion puree, onion bhaji and red wine onions. All of these canapés are available as starters on their new menu.

So after grabbing a table we were offered more delicious cocktails and the chance to try more delicious starters from the new menu. First up was the Braised Pig Cheeks – with pork pie puree, sweet & sour apple, served with a crackling salad. The meat was so tender and just fell apart in my mouth and I think all the elements of the dish worked beautifully together.

The Black Swan Pigs Cheeks

After the braised pig cheeks I didn’t think I would find a better starter, but the Black pudding potato cake is the ultimate comfort food and tastes delicious. To more accurately describe it, it’s a hash brown with a black pudding centre, topped with a duck egg and capers. I would quite happily eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Black Swan Black Pudding Potato cake

Still mourning the loss of the black pudding potato cake, we moved on to sampling the mains and first up was this Black Swan Burger slider. If my picture doesn’t have you salivating, maybe the description will. Beef & bone marrow, beer & sesame bun, baby gem pickled cabbage and heirloom tomato, all topped with a beer battered pickle. I should point out this isn’t the actual size of the main and I went back weeks later and tried the full size that comes served with sweet potato fries. This is honestly one of the best burgers I have ever ordered and the fries are very tasty.

The Black Swan Burger

If you haven’t already stopped reading this post because you are already on your way to order all of the above, the next two dishes might give you that final push. Another yummy dish was the Confit Pork Belly. Belly pork is one of my faves and this was delicious with the chorizo, sweetcorn puree, bbq baby corn and and ten wine pickled onions.

Confit of pork belly -The Black Swan

The last of the mains I got to try was a vegetarian dish – Pumpkin Tortelloni. Pumpkin puree, roasted butternut squash, pumpkin seeds and watercress.

Pumpkin Tortelloni - Black Swan

Before moving on to desserts the table was served another starter – a big fresh bowl of steamed mussels, cooked in a white wine, chilli and spring onion sauce and served with focaccia. Another first for me, I have never tried mussels as the rubbery texture freaks me out, but if these were anything to go by, I have been missing out. I would love to share a bowl as a starter next time I visit.

Black Swan Mussels

Desserts are my favourite part of the menu and I couldn’t wait to try them after how great the starters and mains tasted.  The first one I tried was the Apple crumble creme brûlée and this was deliciously sweet. The second dessert wasn’t for everyone and this was the Ale Cheesecake with sales peanut butter brittle and nutella powder. I really wanted to like this one, but sadly I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a great idea and might be perfect for ale lovers, but it was just a little too quirky for me.

Black Swan Desserts

Ale Cheescake - Black Swan

So there you have it, a great winter menu from The Black Swan that is full of dishes to warm your heart and for me the perfect comfort food for this time of year.

Have you ever tried the food at The Black Swan and what do you think your favourite dish would be?



  • StargazyEyes

    Hmm looks like tasty stuff. I definitely need to visit that place again although maybe the fact that I’m veggie again and not eating any dairy or eggs will limit my choices haha!

    Sharon x

    • Well where is the fun in that?? x

  • I am officially STARVING after reading this post! I loved The Black Swan when we went after the awards, the chorizo pizza I had was delicious! They had so many amazing things on the menu but I’d indulged in a Five Guys burger before the event and was still sorta full – still finished my pizza though!

    The black pudding potato cake sounds amazing – fun fact, I will NEVER eat black pudding at home but ALWAYS in a restaurant haha!

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland

    • I am so sorry Sarah! Yes, I went along after the awards and got the full size burger. Honestly my mouth waters just thinking about it.

      As for black pudding, I have always refused to try based on what it is, but this year I went to Dublin and tried it with breakfast and my god it tastes delicious. Have you tried white pudding?


  • I am DROOLING as I read that. The menu sounds TO DIE FOR. Mussels are my absolute favourite so I would have been in my element here. I am now craving a cocktail too!
    Bee |

    • Haha! Aren’t you always craving cocktails? The food is lovely and The Black Swan is becoming one of my favourite places to visit.

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