Staying hydrated with Hydratem8

When it comes to drinking plenty of water or the recommended daily allowance, I’m rubbish. It’s something I know that I need to do, but I still find myself ignoring bottles of water and instead I usually end up going for a cup of tea or a can of Diet Coke. A bottle of water just doesn’t look appealing to me, or it didn’t until I came across hydratem8 on Instagram. Yep, Instagram made me buy it.

Trying to get healthier and in shape for my wedding, I decided to join slimming world and I looked to Instagram for inspiration from other slimming world members. Scrolling through different feeds I kept coming across these cute bottles and everyone was talking about how it helped them to stay hydrated and drink more water. I’m quite impressed that I lasted one week before caving and ordering one.

So not only is the bottle cute, it also tells you how much water to drink each hour and has little messages of encouragement like “Almost there” & “Remember to drink”. There are quite a few different styles to choose from on their website and I naturally picked a pink bottle which costs £13.99.


So, does it work? For me it does and most days I do drink two bottles, especially when I’m working and I’m feeling the benefits from it. My bottle goes everywhere with me and I can’t believe I hadn’t discovered it before now and quite a few ladies from work have ordered a bottle after admitting they had already spotted them on Instagram, but just hadn’t got around to ordering one. I forgot to take my bottle with me on our little break at the seaside and I really missed it.



  • Ben Stones

    Hmm, interesting idea. At first I thought £13.99 is expensive but then again I keep buying bottled water each week to take to work. I go through two bottles a day so I end up spending at least £4 a week on water – which is ridiculous really – so I may have to invest in one!

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