Rosie’s Diner – Leeds

Photo(15)The other night it was my turn to pick where to eat out. I admit I am a bit of a push over and usually let my boyfriend decide, but he insisted that I pick this time around. So I picked Rosie’s Diner and it was amazing. I don’t normally blog about eating out, but I really wanted to share this with you guys & gals.

I have always wanted to eat at an American diner and while I did not get to go to America to do it, this felt pretty authentic to me. Parking up, the first thing that I noticed was the big monster truck outside, as soon as I saw that I knew I was on to a winner. Walking inside you have your typical diner set up, with booths, tables and counter style seating, but what really gives the WOW factor is the American school bus along the side of the diner that you can board and be seated at one of it’s tables to dine. This looked awesome, but just a little too cosy for me. After a ten minute wait we were shown to our very own booth and right from the get go, the service was great. Not only did the diner look the part, it sounded the part. I couldn’t resist bopping away when ‘Greased lightning’ came on.

Photo(14)Photo(10)The menu isn’t huge, but it doesn’t need to be. We decided to order a half rack of ribs to start (nom nom) and 2 shakes. I picked chocolate and my boyfriend chose butterscotch. These shakes were delicious and very filling, I love how they were served in these glass bottles.

For mains there are a variety of options, but I ended up choosing the Yorkshire terrier hot dog. This is basically a big hot dog, topped with pulled pork and fried crispy onions served with slaw and cajun fries. The hot dog was yummy, as were the fries, but I wasn’t so keen on the slaw. I like my coleslaw on the creamy side and this was more tangy and dry.

Yorkshire Terrier- Rosie's DinerThe diner does offer desserts, but to be honest I felt I had hit my stomach wall after the ribs and shake and I was ready to go into a food coma after the main. The portions are generous and I think that if I want to sample the deserts, I need to starve myself before going, choose something smaller or cut our the starter.

Our server was great and he was very helpful when we couldn’t decide what to pick. I can’t wait to go back for the blogger brunch at the weekend and try their awesome stack of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.

Have you tried Rosie’s Diner?


  • Corinne C

    I kind of want to go again to try the evening menu as I am not a breakfast person at all. The service was a bit naff though. My housemate might come with me, she is dying to try it but heard the service wasn’t great also. I wonder if I can manage to destroy another meal. Good job I remembered to instagram before I touched it.

    Corinne x

  • To be honest, breakfast did not meet my expectations. I much preferred the evening meal and atmosphere. I did enjoy the food though.

    I don’t even know what you did to that bloomer!

    Go for it, I think is is worth another try. I think the staff are really friendly, I just think service suffers a little when it’s a big party.

    Jenna x

  • Rebekah Jessop

    It is absolutely amazing at Rosie’s Diner when I went, I had the Grilled Chicken Burger with cheese and fries!

    Rebekah x

    • Have you tried the shakes? They are to die for x

  • Sammie Foster

    I love Rosies Diner, just for the milkshakes! I’ve heard breakfast is dissapointing but I love the burgers x

    • I was a little disappointed with breakfast, but evening food and shakes make up for it. I’m loving all these Diners popping up. Went to York designer outlet last week and visited Ed’s Diner. Mini jukeboxes on your booth. I requested a lot of Elvis!

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