Pom poms are in. Well they seem to be if you take a walk around the accessories area of a River Island store. Needing a new purse because the old one refused to open at really awkward moments, like when i’m trying to pay for something, I thought I would nip in to River Island at the weekend and see if I could find the purse of my dreams. It took me less than 10 seconds to spot this Light green pom pom trim zip around purse and it was love at first sight. I must have been a cat in a previous life or something, because the sight of the orange pom pom  had me so transfixed and excited, I knew that this was he purse for me. Yes, a purse had me excited. I find it doesn’t usually take much.

It’s a little bigger than I usually go for, but then again when I buy smaller ones I only end up cursing myself when I can’t fit everything I need in it. The pom pom means it will be easy to fish out of my Mary Poppins bag and it’s a decent enough size to fit all of my cards in. I love green at the moment and this purse is just so bright and fun. For £15 I can’t complain.

river island purse

Going back to pom poms being in fashion, don’t take my word for it, I just happened to notice that they seemed to be attached to everything. Bags, shoes, purses and key rings with pom poms attached were dotted around everywhere. I realise I have said pom poms quite a lot in this post, but don’t you just love saying POM POMS? Nope? Must just be me then.

What do you think? Are you a pom pom fan and do you like my new purse?



  • StargazyEyes

    Oooh this is cute. I’m in the market for a new purse but desperately trying to find one that doesn’t have gold hardware; like gold on other people just not on me.

    Sharon x

    • I know a few people like that Sharon. Good luck!

  • Didn’t expect it to be that bright in the middle I love it. The green colour is one of my favourites.

    Carrieanne x


  • Very much enjoying that pom-pom, as you could probably tell last night! x

    Jess | glitterbat . net

    • Hehe. Who doesn’t love a pom-pom?

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