Quick update

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

Not sure that the above applies to delayed blogging, but a blogger who has been a little absent of late can hope, right?

Everyday life has been getting in the way recently and hours in front of a computer at work have made me not want to reach for the macbook at home. Well I’m back and already have some post lined up. Did you see my April wishlist? I have managed to acquire 3 out of 4. Already posted a review on Tanya Burr’s; Little Duck, acquired Picnic in the park today and I have been using the Soap and Glory moisturiser for a week now and I love it. Individual reviews are on their way.

So I mentioned that everyday life has been getting in the way and I just got back from a lovely romantic bank holiday weekend away in Beverly. I stayed in a lovely hotel, spent some quality time with the boyfriend and did my favourite thing ever; hunting for seashells and crabs at the seaside. I fell in love with Beverley and the beautiful houses and we both decided that if we won the lottery, we would buy a house there. We all know that it would be unlikely, but no harm in dreaming.

So this was just a little post to update you that I haven’t forgot about the blog and to tell you that new posts are on the way. I have tried lots of new products and can’t wait to share them with you all.


  • Corinne C

    Where are the posts. I’m waiting…. :p

    • Tomorrow…I demand you wait in front of your computer all night x

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