Predator Nutrition- BSN event & Flex Lewis


Back in May (where has the time gone?!) I was invited to visit Predator Nutrition in Leeds to attend a store event showcasing lots of goodies from the BSN range.

The world of health & fitness is still quite new to me and it’s only over the past year that I have started to take a look at my own health & lifestyle and dip my toes into the world of health supplements and protein shakes. I often feel out of place or like I don’t belong in these type of stores, but as soon as I arrived I was greeted by friendly staff and they were great at answering any questions I had. 

The store is nicely organised with areas labelled to help you find what you are looking for and I was amazed at the variety and all the products stocked. You have health supplements, cooking sauces/marinades, protein shakes, energy drinks/powders, food and frozen produce and so much more.

Predator Nutrition Sections

As I mentioned at the top of this post, the event was all about BSN goodies and it was also a stop for the Flex Lewis tour. I can hold my hand up and say I had never heard of either before the event, but the mention of Flex Lewis to a few guys I know had them doing a male version of giggling school girls. There was the opportunity to queue up to meet Flex, have a chat, take photos and get a signed photograph. The queue was very long when I arrived and I think Sharon from Stargazy Eyes got a signed photo for her personal trainer and he was over the moon and a little jealous that she got to meet him. You could also take part in the true mass challenge test that involved timing how long contestants could hold on to two huge bags of powder.There were stations set up outside with samples of new products and I loved the new limited edition Dragon Fruit flavoured N.O Xplode. It tasted amazing and just a small sample cup had me feeling energised for the rest of the day.


I was lucky enough to be gifted with a goodie bag for attending and not only did I receive a t-shirt and earphones, I got some packets of their popular Fruit Punch N.O Xplode and Syntha-6 protein shakes to try. I don’t know about you but I get disappointed when protein shakes don’t always taste as described and they usually leave a horrible after taste, but this strawberry milkshake tastes so delicious and has no after taste at all. I like to add a few frozen strawberries and use almond milk to boost the flavour and make it feel like a real yummy milkshake.

Syntha-6 strawberry protein milkshake

I’m so pleased with the Strawberry shake that I’m going to buy one of the bigger containers when I next visit the store and I saw that they stock quest bars that I have been dying to try since seeing them on YouTube.

For more details on the event you can always visit the Predator Nutrition blog and online store.

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