Penhaligon’s Perfumers

Penhaligon's scent libraryI discovered Penhaligon’s Perfumers last year on my first trip to York designer outlet and I have been lusting after their scents ever since. I have been wanting to make a purchase every visit and have been heavily hinting to my boyfriend to treat me (so far, he has ignored my not so subtle hints). I’m not gonna lie, to me these scents are quite pricey and with a top draw full of perfume, I just couldn’t justify the purchase of a full bottle at this time. But if you are after a unique and extra special fragrance, then it is worth it. I visited their outlet store last week and picked up this fabulous scent library. This cute little tin contains 10 x 1.5ml samples and is the perfect way to discover the scents of Penhaligon’s without rushing into an expensive purchase. From floral to spicy, there is a scent to suit everyone and they aren’t just for ladies. The sales assistant assured me that they are unisex (this cleared up much confusion as we couldn’t work it out in the store) and that there is a scent for everyone. Honestly, my man smelling all flowery wouldn’t do it for me, but each to their own, I guess.

Penhaligon's scent librarySo, inside the tin you have 10 fragrance samples and a lovely little booklet, giving an intro to Penhaligon’s and a description of each fragrance. It also recommends 5 scents for ladies and 5 for gentlemen. My favorite scent that I have discovered so far has to be; Lilly Of The Valley. I glimpsed the full size bottle on my first visit and it was love and smell at first site. They make their scents sound so enticing and unique.

Lily of the Valley: Fresh, green, delicate, the perfume of innocence and love”

I can’t wait to try the other 9 scents and take this little library of heavenly smells with we wherever I go. I love the whole Penhaligon’s experience and feel like I am transported back in time whenever I visit their shop. I think all of their bottles are lovely and would look great on display on any dressing table.

For more info, check out Penhaligon’s site and click here to view the scent library in full.

Have you discovered Penhaligon’s yet?


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