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Every now and again I get blogger mail that isn’t really for me, it’s for one of my dogs or cats. I love it when companies get in touch and ask if my pets would like to try something new, so when Wellness Natural Pet Food got in touch and asked if my cats would like to try some new food, I thought – why not? Also, I love any chance I can get to show off my cat..

Cats are stubborn little creatures, especially when it comes to what they eat. Food they found delicious in the morning can quite easily be rejected with a look of disgust in the evening. You think you are on to a winner when your cat seems to love that lower priced cat food from the supermarket, so you go out and stock up, only to find that the next day it must have all been in your imagination, because they aren’t touching it now. Sound familiar? I actually have 3 cats, so this problem is multiplied. They never all like the same food and at feeding time at least one of them refuses to eat and struts out of the room. The chance to try out a new food can’t really be passed up and I like to give them the opportunity to try different food.

Wellness Natural Pet food has just launched in the UK and is available exclusively at Pets At Home, so this was my first experience with the food and something new for my cats. One of the first things I tried out on my cats from the selection I received, was the Wellness Complete Health dry food, the Deboned Chicken recipe. My cats aren’t really fans of dry food and we often use it as filler between meals to stop them pestering us. They much prefer pouches, so I was very surprised when the 3 bowls I put down – got gobbled up without a hint of rejection. My cats can’t talk and tell me what they think about the food, but you can’t ignore their body language. A purr and meows for more tells me that it was a hit and even the dogs were interested. One of our cats has had jaw surgery and he normally struggles with biscuits, but these smaller ones seemed to suit him fine and didn’t cause any problems.

Wellness Deboned Chicken Recipe

If you haven’t already, meet Lilly. Lilly is my cat (bought for me as a valentines gift) and like most owners, I think she is the best cat in the world and a very willing test subject.

Lilly - Hepcat Blogs

The dry food was well received, so I was intrigued to see what she would think about the Wellness Morsels pouches as she is quite a picky little kitty. As far as cat food goes, it looks pretty good.

Wellness Natural Pet Food Review

That look right there is a “Don’t even think about taking my food away from me human, I’m not done yet”. Lilly loves these pouches. So much so that I had to hide them from her after I found her trying to rip open the pouches she found in my room. I tested this food on Lilly over two days and I was surprised by the results. She left none of the wet food at all and it was only on day two that she didn’t finish all of the biscuits. The new food seemed to have captured her interest and the other cats were keen to get in on the action.

Lilly isn’t really a fan of fish flavoured food, so I thought I would treat Jonas to one of the Wellness Core Divine Duos in the flavour Tuna & Salmon and he wolfed it down. Again for cat food, it doesn’t look too bad and you can see the nice chunks of fish and vegetables.

Wellness Cat Food Pate

As I mentioned further up, we don’t really buy dry food all that often, but after seeing how much they liked this particular range, we think it would work out cheaper to use both wet and dry food in their diets (no reason why you can’t and the feeding guidelines on the packet give you an idea on portion sizes). Introducing the dry food adds more variety and I think makes them appreciate the wet food more. It’s also incredibly rare for all 3 of our cats to actually eat the same food at the same time, but they do when it comes to these biscuits.

The only downside about the range is that it is on the pricer side. With 3 cats I don’t think that we could afford to commit to the whole range, but the Complete Health dry food is going to be sticking around and will now be part of their diet. If I only had Lilly to feed, I would certainly try out the range for a longer period of time and If she continued to like it as much as she did during the review process, I wouldn’t hesitate to keep buying. One of the main selling points for me, has got to be their all natural approach and the variety they offer. Each type of food is well balanced and includes all the nutrients your pet needs.

A nice little treat for the cats and we have found a new dry food for them. If you are looking for a new food, it might be worth giving it a try. Because I’m like a proud momma, I’m gonna leave you with another Lilly picture I took after she completed her food trial.


  • Lilly is so friggin cute! The Mr really wants a cat but I’m not really up for it – I’m much more of a dog person but I swear, if we where allowed one in our building I think he would just randomly turn up with one one night! God help me when we move into a house with no pet rules!

    Sarah 🙂

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