Oaks Boutique- Leeds Blogger Event


Last Thursday I was invited to Oaks Boutique to attend their Leeds blogger event, held to showcase their latest collections. Before Thursday I had never heard of Oaks Boutique and tended not to bother with boutiques as I had the misconception that they only sold expensive clothing and catered to the more mature individual. Well, how wrong was I?

As soon as I saw the boutique window display, I started to get excited and a little concerned for my bank balance.What struck me the most  when I first entered the store, was how colour coordinated it was. All pinks, neutrals and pastels were in the same place, opposite from the lovely shades of blue and other coloured clothing. Each colour/trend had its own section in the store and the perfect accessories nearby to match. I wish more stores followed this way of thinking as I know for me personally, I like to be able to walk directly to what I am looking for. One month I want pinks, the next blacks. This store got me swinging towards blue.

oaks collage 1

Not only do they stock lovely clothing, they sell amazing accessories. Just look at those shoes! I immediately spied a quilted handbag that reminded me of the lovely bags found in Chanel. I expected this bag to come with a hefty price tag, but I was pleasantly surprised, £50 for such a lovely bag is so reasonable. Delighted by the price I then started to take stock of all the other items in the store. Lovely scarves from £15.00 (I have a serious scarf addiction, 37 at my last count), stylish & bling ballet pumps from £15.00 and beautiful handbags. A lot of their merchandise would not look out of place in some well known designer stores or on the runway.

The staff were so welcoming and knowledgeable and only too happy to go searching for anything that you wanted or order something from another store and I really enjoyed chatting with Lulu and getting to know more about their other boutiques. As an extra treat we were offered the most yummy cupcakes (and they were yummy) and served chilled wine and other beverages as soon as we walked in.

oaks nibbles

We were given plenty of time to browse the stores contents, and try on anything that we wanted. Accessories were all that I was really interested in purchasing that night as I am currently trying to cut back on clothes spending. The temptation was strong and I was surrounded by lots of enablers. Techbunny & itsneecola are very skilled enablers. I wasn’t in the shop more than 5 minutes before I spotted the beautiful turquoise piece below. Turquoise is timeless and always makes an appearance in summer time.


The scarf above on the left (very burberry) was very popular amongst the bloggers, I am aware of 4 others that purchased it (including itsneecola after some skilled enabling from myself) and there was no way I was leaving without it. I have renamed this scarf ‘the blogger edition’ and It is beautiful.

At the end of the evening we were all presented with a lovely gift bag (anything packaged in animal print is fab to me) and as you can see Oaks really spoiled us. I got a lovely new purse, another beautiful scarf and a gorgeous bracelet. I loved the addition of sweets and was delighted to get a pack of Dip Dab, this really took me back.



It was a lovely evening and it has certainly changed my opinion about boutiques. They aren’t all expensive, the clothing is of a good quality and you are less likely to run into someone else wearing the exact same thing. The customer service is amazing and you are actually made to feel like a valued customer and as though you are having your own personal shopper experience. I know that I will be visiting this store next pay day and probably every pay day after that. If you want gorgeous, fashionable clothes & accessories at reasonable prices, this is the place for you. 

Thanks to Oaks for organising such a fabulous evening and giving me the opportunity to meet so many other bloggers. I can’t wait to come back for a new handbag next pay day.


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