Next Workout Gear

So, you finally decide to join the gym and then comes the next hurdle. What the hell are you going to wear to the gym?? Lets be honest, most of us joining the gym for the first time aren’t going to go for crop tops and all things skimpy. We want coverage! Or at least I do. I can only dream of the day when I can wear all things skimpy without fearing someone will try and harpoon me. Finding good gym gear that covers all those lumps and bumps and doesn’t cost a fortune is quite challenging. When I joined the gym last year I searched everywhere for affordable gym gear that I felt comfortable in and I found Next to have a great range. Sadly what I bought is no longer available, but they do have a new collection of gym wear out and I suspect it’s just the same, but just in pretty pink floral packaging.

1) A pink hoodie: It doesn’t have to be pink and you don’t need to buy it just for the gym, but seen as though I’m going with a pink floral theme I thought I would add it. This pink hoodie from Next is lovely and yes I do own it. I wear it to and from the gym, after a warm up and whenever I fancy really.

2) Floral leggings:I love these leggings! I still wear the ones I bought last year with leopard print down the side and these are just as good. Most of us would rule out leggings, especially for the gym, but these really are flattering and great quality. 

3) It’s a crop top: No I don’t own it and I’m certainly not ready to wear one to the gym (or anywhere), but I thought I should include it as it’s cute and not everyone wants to hide their body away. Comes in a few different colours 

4) A sports bra: Anyone gifted with boobs needs one of these and this is just lovely. It was love at first site and even though nobody can see it, I love wearing it to the gym and it gives me enough support.

5) A t-shirt: This is more up my street and again comes in a range of colours. I picked pink because it goes with the theme of the outfit, but for the gym I stick with pale colours or black.

I’m not saying buy all your workout gear from Next, but speaking from personal experience I do find their range to be affordable and great to workout in. 


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