London Diaries – Day 2

A bigger delay than anticipated between London posts, but this week I thought I would share what we got up to on day two. If you want to recap on day one, just click here.

Day two was when sightseeing got serious. We had itineraries! I kid you not and I was put in sole charge of tube routes. From this day on I was affectionately known as ‘Tube Girl’.

We bought a 3 day London pass each (travel pass included) and decided that we would try and get a lot of sightseeing in across the next 3 days. On todays agenda was a visit to London Zoo and a stroll around Camden, which got put on hold as soon as we discovered it was The Trooping Of The Colour and it would make us crap tourists if we didn’t attend. So we made our way to St. James Park and quickly realised we weren’t going to see anything first hand and like most people I spent the majority of the time with my phone in the air, trying to get photos and videos of the royal family.

After the parade we took a little detour through the park and made our way to Westminster station. I got my first glimpse of the trip of Big Ben before getting a tube to Camden.

big ben

I absolutely love Camden. I love the quirky shops, the market and the whole vibe. If you do go, I highly recommend paying a visit to the Chin Chin Labs. We went to stock up on their grilled white chocolate and ordered ice cream.

chin chin labs ice cream

So yummy and I would have happily stayed there all day and eaten my weight in chocolate and Ice Cream, but the zoo called. We got a bus from the market up to the zoo and before entering I snapped this picture of a beautiful house opposite the bus stop. Talk about #HouseGoals, I feel like this house was made for me, it’s pink!

Houses in Camden

The zoo was pretty amazing and I love how interactive they try to make it. You catwalk through the bird house and see lot’s of exotic birdies and you can also walk through monkey houses. I was standing next to a Lemur without realising and I got this cute shot.

Ring-Tailed Lemur

After the zoo we decided to head back to Camden market for more food, before making our way back to our hotel. We did another quick stop at M&M World, because I needed more chocolate in my life and we headed back to the hotel to pass out after another busy day.

Important things we learned on day 2

If you are staying in a Premier Inn, other guests will try and claim on the goodnight sleep guarantee and use you as their reason. On day two we found ourselves interrogated by the on duty receptionist about our late night antics and wild partying. Let’s just be clear on this, we were absolutely shattered on day one when we got back to the hotel we didn’t even speak to each other, let alone have a party or keep other guests awake with our wild love making. All we did was sleep and I was gobsmacked when the receptionist told us. Apparently their suspicions were confirmed when they came to our room in the morning and found a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door handle. Turns out those are a sign of guilt, not to actually tell people you are sleeping after a long day and don’t want to be disturbed! Be prepared people, your time will come….

Day three will be up next week!


  • I want that ice-cream now. In fact, I’m now hoping the ice-cream man pulls down our street again today because of this post!
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