London Diaries- Day 1


My birthday trip to London was an amazing experience and one that I won’t ever forget. I thought I would create a mini series on the blog and share everything I got up to, including the happiest day of my life when my boyfriend proposed on the London Eye.

Day one was a very early start for us. Wanting to make the most of our time in London, we decided to get the 6:00 AM train from Leeds so that we wouldn’t lose precious hours to travelling. As soon as we arrived at Kings Cross we went in search of breakfast. If I don’t eat breakfast I get grumpy. We took a little walk and ended up at Itsu. If eggs benedict is on the menu, I can guarantee that’s what I’m going to order every time and Itsu didn’t disappoint with their own version made with; brown rice, poached egg, shredded ham and topped with a creamy hollandaise sauce.

Its eggs benedict

After breakfast we headed to our hotel to drop our bags, as It isn’t any fun dragging suitcases around London. 

We planned for Friday to be a get to know London kind of day and decided to pay a visit to Covent Garden. I love the atmosphere and unique shops that you find there. We also watched amazing musicians performing for guests at a restaurant. It was a hot day and we couldn’t resist getting gelato from Venchi. If you ever pay a visit to Covent Garden I recommend getting gelato from here. After much deliberation (I’m terrible at making decisions) I picked Chocolate and Salted Caramel gelato. 

Gelato from Venchi

How yummy does that look? It was the best gelato I have ever tasted. 

After Covent Garden we decided to take a trip to the British Museum. I really wanted to see the Egyptian rooms and mummies, so we walked through those rooms for a while, but soon gave up due to the heat and how busy it was. It was a shame we didn’t stay longer, but hot weather and crowds just don’t go together.

Oxford street was on my list of things to-do so we headed there next. I love visiting Selfridges in Manchester and really wanted to have a nosey at their flagship store. You could honestly spend hours in there. We spent a few hours strolling along Oxford street before heading on over to Leister Square to visit M&M World. I wanted a sugar fix and a chance to mix my own bag of m&m’s. Dinner wasn’t overly exciting as we ended up eating at Pizza Express. Don’t get me wrong, the food was very nice, but I did not go all the way to London to eat at Pizza Express!

Day one was supposed to be a chilled out day, but we actually ended up doing more than we expected. We were so relieved to get back to the hotel at the end of the day and just crash on the comfy bed. 

Things we learned on day 1:


Yeah, we were naive and didn’t realise just how far underground Covent Garden tube station is. Before taking the spiral stairs we also failed to notice the signs that warn you not to even attempt it. Friday was a very hot day and this nearly killed us and the other tourists that were stupid enough to follow us instead of waiting for the lift.


I can’t be the only who feels like they are walking the longest street ever and seeing the same shop over and over again? How many Zara’s do you need on one street?!


I don’t think anyone who has used a bus in London can disagree with this. Traffic is so slow moving.

Day two is coming soon!


  • They didn’t follow me down! They followed me up, the fools! I nearly died that day. I felt like I was ascending to heaven with each step that I took. x

  • Kel

    I once went down and had the exact opposite feeling – like I was slowly desending into the bowls of hell,.. each step getting hotter and dirtier,…. urgh!

    • It is so hot down there! The spiral stairs don’t help either. x

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