Kebelo Velvet Curls

Curling my hair is as adventurous as it gets for me when it comes to hair styling and I’m always on the look out for products that can give me long lasting curls with minimal effort. About one month ago a special haircare package arrived in the post from HQ Hair and inside was the Kebelo Velvet Curls Range. The products inside promised to cleanse, nourish and define curls, as well as giving a frizz free finish. All of the above sounded fabulous and I couldn’t wait to give it a try and see if the products lived up to the promise.

So what do you get in the set?

The set is made up of three products and you get:

1 x Velvet Curls Shampoo (250ml)

1 x Velvet Curls Conditioner (250ml)

1 x Velvet Curls Defining Cream (100ml)

Kebelo - Velvet Curls

A few things that you might want to know about this range is that the products are SLS & Paraben free and the ingredients include coconut oil, quinoa and chamomile.

So like I said above, this range has some big promises and the important thing you want to know is – do they actually deliver?

In a few words, yes. The longer version is that I have been using Kebelo for one month now and I can say that I have noticed that after I use all three products, I find my hair seems to glide through my curling tongs much easier than before and the end result is smoother and more defined curls. Not forgetting to mention that my hair smells lovely after I use the products.

The first time I used all three products was before bed time and not really knowing what to expect, I went to bed with my hair wet because the defining cream suggests that you let your hair dry naturally after use. Normally going to bed with wet hair would be a huge mistake and it would result in a tangled mess that very much resembles a birds nest, but surprisingly when I woke up I had smooth wavy hair. After having a good look in the mirror I realised that I could get away with doing absolutely nothing to my hair that morning. Yay for minimum effort hair days! That night I went to an event at a beauty salon and part of the night involved having a hair consultation and a quick hair makeover. The stylist told me she thought my waves were pretty fab and she didn’t think we needed to do much of a makeover, other than to maybe add a few more curls. She was so surprised when I told her all I had done to get my waves, was to use three products and go to sleep with wet hair.

But what about cleansing, nourishing and strengthening hair?

I’ve only really talked about the smoother curls the products have given me. I haven’t particularly noticed that the condition of my hair has improved and that is just because my hair has recently been cut, coloured and restyled and all of that makes it difficult for me to tell. One thing I did notice before using Kebelo was that my hair would often get stuck in the tongs when I would curl my hair and this would lead to frizzy ends. So, now that my hair is gliding through the tongs, it isn’t getting stuck and I don’t notice the frizzy ends. That leads me to assume that I’m not damaging my hair so much when I use heat to curl my hair.

Overall I’m quite impressed and I like the options the products give me. I can fall asleep with wet hair and not have to worry about the mess when I wake up and when I do use heat to curl my hair, I end up with smoother curls.


*PR Sample

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