Karen Walker Eau De Parfum Launches At Harvey Nichols


A few weeks ago I was given an amazing opportunity to meet designer Karen Walker at the launch event for her first collection of fragrances. The trio A, B and C has now launched exclusively in the UK through Harvey Nichols and all you have to do is decide if you are an A, B or C kind of girl. Luckily I got to know all three have a good chat with Karen Walker about each scent.



A is the happiness potion. It’s sparkly, bright, herbal and fresh. It’s a walk through a sunny garden. For Karen, it’s the feeling of pure happiness that only dappled sunshine through verdant trees and a garden in bloom can create.”


A is a refreshing, fruity floral with top notes of cassis, crushed mint leaves, and grapefruit, heart notes of rose, lilly of the valley, green tea and ylang ylang, on a solar musk base.



B by Karen Walker


B is feminine and efflorescent. It’s lush, ripe and delicious. It’s a warm, balmy breeze after the heat of the day. For Karen, this fragrance is brimming with possibilities.”


B is a delicious floral gourmand with top notes of bergamot, pink pepper, and grapefruit, heart notes of iris, white rose, peach and Sambac Jasmine, and base notes of patchouli, praline, tonic bean, musk and vanilla.



C by Karen Walker


C is addictive. It’s compelling, opulent and generous. It’s the most sensuous of the three and contains all of Karen’s favourite flowers condensed into a bottle. Every ‘no’ becomes a ‘yes’ when this scent’s in the air.”


C is a cream, sensual floral with top notes of gardenia, magnolia, mandarin and bergamot, heart notes of tuberose, orange flower, Sambac Jasmine and lilly of the valley, and base notes of sandalwood, amber, musk and cashmere wood.


Before getting to have a chat with Karen, a lovely woman called Miranda talked me through the fragrances and all of the yummy ingredients. Now before going to the event I pretty much knew which fragrance was going to be for me, but what I didn’t expect was that I would like all three fragrances and that it would turn out that they could all be for me. B was the one that I knew/wanted to love and if you asked me what my favourite is, I would say this is the one. It’s beautiful, sweet and feminine. It reminds me a lot of flower bomb, which is one of my favourite perfumes, but it’s not as overpowering and dare I say… I think I like it better!

A to me, is very refreshing. I would wear this scent in spring time or for those days where I need something light and bright . Until you experience the scents yourself, it’s difficult to explain what it is about each scent, but after trying all three I quickly understood why Karen launched a trio instead of one fragrance. For me, C is the the sexy scent of the trio. It’s seductive and oddly enough one of the first thoughts that came into my mind was; I would want my boyfriend to smell this scent on me. It’s amazing.

A is for those bright days and when I want to feel alive and refreshed.

B is that scent I would be happy to surround myself in everyday. It’s all things sweet and feminine

C is incredibly seductive and reserved for date night or those really special occasions.

One thing I did see and try, was the spritzing of A over B or C. This is a nifty trick, that completely changes the scent’s.

Each 50ml scent costs £65.00 and is available exclusively through Harvey Nichols in the UK. I’m not sure if this promo is still on, but with every purchase on the night you got an inflatable animal. Random, but awesome all at the same time and I need that little pink giraffe in my life.

What are the negatives, are there even any?

The major negative is that you will want to buy the trio for the design and symmetry, if not to experience the different scents. I want to display A, B and C on my dresser and stack the boxes like building blocks.

I can’t  really comment on how long the fragrance lasts because I didn’t actually buy one on the night. I did end up having a spritz of C before I left and even after showering, there was still a hint of it in the morning.


During the event I got to have a little chat with Karen Walker, which was quite a nervous moment for me. I have attended quite a few events and got to know many products and brands, but I have never come face to face with the creator, let alone sit down and have a chat with them. I was so nervous I forgot to actually record or take note of the answers to the questions I asked. Instant regret and a lesson I won’t forget in the future. What I won’t forget is how lovely Karen was to me and how passionate she is about the trio and her work. Before I arrived and tried the fragrances, I had wanted to ask “Why launch a trio for your first fragrance?” but I got it as soon as I walked in and smelled all three scents. Karen explained that as a designer she wanted to showcase a collection and tell a story.

Does Karen Walker have a favourite scent?

The answer is, no. I thought from the description that C would be a favourite, but she insists that it isn’t.

Did Karen always want to launch a fragrance?

This was answered with a confident and passionate yes.

Rumour has it that their is a 4th fragrance in the works. Is this true and will it follow on from A, B and C?

It’s natural to want to say it would be called D, but Karen said it was further down the line and will be something completely different.

Will we be seeing more beauty related products in the future?

Never say never.

I got to chat with Karen for twenty minutes and during that time we naturally talked about the fragrances and the production process. We also talked about Toast the dog who you can find modelling Karen Walker eyewear. After seeing Toast the dog on the website I instantly fell in love. If you don’t know the story of Toast, fire up google or head on over to karenwalker.com and take a look. This pooch showcases glasses to me in a way that I never thought possible and you can even follow Toast on Instagram. Speaking of eyewear, Harvey Nichols are now stocking glasses from Karen Walker and you can checkout these fab sunglasses here.

I will leave you with a picture of Karen Walker surrounded by inflatable letters and critters. When I asked for a photo Karen was very happy to oblige and quickly scooped up a few critters.


“I’ve always wanted to create a range of fragrances and I’m thrilled with this trio. The three different scents allow the Karen Walker Woman to have a scent for any mood, any day, any time and any occasion.”

Karen Walker


  • It sounds like a super cool event & the fact you got to have a 1 on 1 conversation with her is so exciting! I don’t know which fragrance I would go for, but A sounds very much up my street!

    • You should pop in and see. I really would be happy with any of them, but I am in love with B.


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