House Of Fraser Blogger Challenge: Festival Hair

festivalchallengeA couple of weeks ago the lovely people over at Search Labs invited me to join them and a few other bloggers at the pit in Chapel Allerton, for a blogger challenge with House of Fraser. Our challenge; to create festival hairstyles that would then feature on the House Of Fraser Blog. Eeek!

Now I have never been to a festival in my life, so I had no idea what I was going to do and to make matters worse, I’m poop at hair styling. Luckily for me, I don’t live under a rock and I was able to draw some inspiration from Google and the various posts and images from Coachella. One thing I learned was that curls/waves were always in and when going to a festival, everyone should embrace their inner bohemian goddess.

So, after a while of browsing, I decided that I would cheat by curling my hair the day before the challenge. Some would call it cheating, I call it making life for future Jenna easier 🙂 I’m quite lucky that I can curl my hair and it will hold for a couple of days and If I was attending a festival, I would definitely do this with my hair as it’s; quick, easy and requires minimal upkeep. Just a spray of dry shampoo and I’m good to go.

Obviously I couldn’t stop there and I had to do something else at the venue to take part in the challenge (pfft to rules!). We all brought some styling products from home and my plan was pretty simple; I could go with braids starting from the front and secure them at the back with a clip or pin. Or, I could pump up the volume a bit and go with the classic jewelled/flowered headband across my forehead. Decisions…

PicMonkey CollageI went with the braids, secured at the back with a bobby pin and I stole some sunflower clips from the lovely Laura (she came prepared) and added them to the start of my braids. Would I go out in public with this? No, but if I was at a festival I reckon I could get away with it. I’m not sure I could say I won the mini challenge, but I gave it my best shot. In my opinion, Caitlin (juxtarose) created a beautiful, braided masterpiece that wouldn’t look out of place at a festival or a wedding. I’m thinking bridesmaid/flower girl and Laura went all out with the side braid, flowers and feather earrings. Fran looked lovely and I think the flower clip was perfect for the occasion.

I had a fab time at the meet up and would like to thank House Of Fraser for giving us such a great challenge and the lovely ladies at search Labs for inviting me. I was a little late to the event due to work commitments, but I understand that there was some yummy food, drinks and excellent conversation before I arrived. I met some lovely new bloggers and I recommend you check out their blogs; Fran the author of and Laura from I also got to catch up with my slightly cheesecake obsessed  blogger chum; Caitlin, better known as Juxtarose .

House Of Fraser kindly put together a little goody bag for us, filled with some fabulous brands and personalised cookies! You know you have made it when you get your name on a cookie, ha-ha. Such a lovely touch and it did make me think longer than the usual second before scoffing the cookie. Reviews of the products coming soon.

Personalised biscuits

 All pictures featured are courtesy of Natalie (, our photographer for the event. I would love it if you commented  with your festival style tips, stories or who you think nailed the challenge brief.

House Of Fraser Festival meet up

festival hair

JuxtaroseSo, as I said somewhere up there, all of this could end up on the House of Fraser blog. Exciting and terrifying all at the same time.


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