Harringtons Pet Food*

My friend over at techbunny.net recently did a review for Harringtons Pet food and knowing about my houseful of pets, recommended that I give it a try. With 3 cats and two dogs it can be difficult and expensive to find food that they will all eat for any length of time. Food they liked in the morning can be revolting to them that same evening and I think a lot of pet owners go through this.

Harringtons kindly sent me some cat and dog food to try and asked that I would be 100% honest with my experience. I have seen Harringtons before but had not got round to trying it.

So lets start with my cats.

photo(21)When I got home that night all the cats acted as though they had been starved so I thought it was the perfect time to try out the new food. I was pleasantly surprised, usually we only feed our cats wet food and use biscuits as a filler and I thought this might be a problem, but all of my cats wolfed down the food and were demanding more once the bowls were empty. My cats tried the Chicken and rice flavour and they loved it.

photo 1photo 2As you can see my cats enjoyed the food and I thought that Lily was going to take a swipe at me when I got too near her food. You can see that Fred was hoping they would let him have a try. I am keen to try out their Salmon and Rice flavour as my cats usually prefer fishy flavours.

Unfortunately my dogs did not feel the same when their turn came. I had high hopes for this food because my dogs are very sensitive when it comes to food and they do have skin allergies. Harringtons has no artificial colours or flavours, no dairy, no soya and no added wheat, so I thought I was on to a winner.
Only one of my dogs really liked the dog food, although they both loved the cats! My dogs are very small and don’t really get on with big biscuits and I think the biscuits in this pack were just too big for fred to like. He did keep going back and having a go, but he much preferred the size of the cat biscuits. Frodo loved the biscuits and was only too happy to finish what Fred had left.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this food again for my cats but I am reluctant to buy more dog food as only one dog really liked it. If Harringtons make smaller biscuits for adult dogs, I would love to give it another try.

Harringtons is available in a number of stores/supermarkets throughout the UK and has recently launched in France. For more information please visit the Harringtons site.

Have you tried Harringtons?


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