Glow in the dark bingo #letsglow

When you get an email telling you that you are invited to a secret blogger event and that your invite needs to be sent by post, you can’t help but get a a little excited and spend time incorrectly guessing what the event is going to be. So imagine my surprise when I received a black card through the post with a UV light that doubles as a laser pen (happy cats, thanks for that) and I discover that I have been invited to blogger glow in the dark bingo, courtesy of Ladbrokes.

I met up with Ellie and Kariss just before the event and we walked up to Belgrave Music Hall together. Before sitting down to play bingo, we had the chance to mingle with other bloggers, get our nails done or even get our faces painted with special UV paint.

#Lets Glow Face Painting

I found myself sitting across from Hayley (Teaparty Beauty) and I ended up having a great evening. We were separated into two long tables and dare I say it, but I think ours was the more serious of the two. We had our bingo faces on and strategies planned. I just wish someone had explained to me before the first round about the number layout, once I knew it seemed so easy.

#LetsGlow bingo card

If you managed to get one line, you won some lush goodies, two lines and you got some Soap & Glory products and if you got a full house you could win; A Betty’s Tearoom hamper, an Oliva Burton watch or a Pandora bracelet with a four leaf clover charm. I was really hoping to win the Pandora bracelet, but sadly luck was not on my side.There was also a competition running on Instagram for the best picture on the night. Ellie who was sitting next to me ended up winning and the prize was a Fuji Instax mini camera. Ellie always takes beautiful pictures and this prize was perfect for her.

Not only did I get to spend time with some of my favourite bloggers, but I got much on Pizza, chilli cheese fries and cakes. What more could you ask for?

#letsglow cupcake

I had a great time and I would just like to thank Ladbrokes for getting us all together and for treating us to Pizza, cake, drinks and bingo. To find out more about the event you can head on over to the Ladbrokes site and have a nosey.


  • It was such a fun night! I have to agree, your table definitely took it a lot more serious than ours, haha!
    Bee |

    • Haha, your table was so loud! x

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