Friday Favourites


So I thought I would continue posting about things I’m loving right now. This can be anything really; beauty, food, fashion and music. Won’t be to everyones taste, but I have fun putting theses posts together.


I still have last weeks faves on repeat, but this weel I discovered the latest track from One Republic; Love Runs Out. I could be really cheesy and say that I don’t think my love for this song will ever run out, but decided that would be too cheesy (oops, I did anyway). I first fell in love with One Republic when they released ‘Apologise‘ years ago, but they have popped back up with a different sound and some very catchy beats. I thought counting stars was good, but this is so much better and the video is awesome.  I find myself bopping away and dancing like a fool around my bedroom.

It’s My Birthday from William ft, Cody Wise has definitely overtaken the 50 cent track as my fave birthday song and after hearing it just this morning I think I have repeated it, maybe 50 times already. I am not usually a fan of Will.I.AM but this track is awesome and the vocals from Cody Wise are, to quote the sherzingershamazing“. It’s my birthday, It’s my birthday, I’m gonna spend some money…


The strawberry season is finally upon us and I have believe I have found a new taste session. Chopped strawberries topped with the coconut Muller Light Greek Style Yogurt. Every mouthful is like a bite of heaven and it’s a great low fat healthy snack. I can’t get enough of strawberries and I love finding yummy ways to eat them.


Oh my god I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love loom bands. There I said it, judge away. My niece made a selection for me as a little thank you for looking after her and I love them. She made a yellow and white to go with a new top, a ring to match, and threw in some ones she had made earlier. Have you joined the loom band craze yet?

That’s it for this week. What are you loving right now?


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