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I’m struggling to keep up with all the new bars and restaurants that have popped up in Leeds. Does anyone remember when every dinner date planned ended up being Nandos? Harry does, I dragged him there every week  for 6 months when we first started dating. In fact, we had our first date at The Light Leeds just over 10 years ago, dinner and a movie. A lot has changed since then.

So just before Christmas a fabulous invite landed in my inbox asking me if I would like to spend an evening with a small group of bloggers touring some of the fabulous bars and restaurants to be found inside The Light Leeds. Not your standard restaurant review experience as we wouldn’t be visiting one establishment, but four. Yes I said four.

This is a recent addition to The Light Leeds and one I wasn’t aware off. We kicked off the evening with a round of cocktails in one of their cosy booths. Their cocktail menu is to die for and it definitely takes you down memory lane with cocktails named after childhood sweets and treats like; Parma Violet, Lemon Sherbert, Fab and Refresher. I really didn’t know what to choose and in the end I couldn’t resist trying a Candy Annie and I’d like to see you try after reading it’s description.

"Developed on a fun night with Annie, using vodka and gin, George’s passionfruit syrup, lemon juice and George’s own rhubarb and custard, served in a highball glass with a small ball of candy floss."

A cocktail topped in candy floss, honestly what could be better than that and how could you not order one? I think we can all agree it looked fantastic and I can tell you it tasted fantastic. I could really taste the rhubarb and custard.

It’s worth pointing our it’s not just cocktails on the menu at George’s Great British Kitchen, they have an excellent food menu and whilst I couldn’t sample it on this visit as this was only the start of our tour, I made sure to the week after on a night out with the girls. Separate review coming soon!

The Firelake Grill house & Cocktail Bar

Another little gem I didn’t know existed and I suppose that was the point of the whole evening, to discover new places and to share them with you. You can find The FireLake Grill House complete with it’s own impressive fire pit inside the Radisson hotel. Here we got to sample delicious starters with the option to choose from Fire Melting Croquettes, White Onion Soup with Chestnuts and Smoked Trout. I opted for the Fire Melting Croquettes – Chicken caesar croquettes, baby gem puree and anchovies.


Absolutely delicious and something I would definitely order again. We were also treated to some pretty fancy cocktails and with our table located close to the pass, I got a chance to see what else the kitchen was cooking and the first thing I’m ordering when I visit again is a steak.


Next we headed over to Estabulo for our main course and I don’t think it gets more impressive than an all you can eat meat and salad bar. Very similar to other Brazilian style restaurants in Leeds that I’ve visited as they also serve the meat at the table and have the traffic light system in the form of a coaster/card. Red for “No thanks, I need to find my Joey pants” and green for “Load me up, bring me all the meat”. To be honest I have zero self control, I switched it to red so many times and told everyone not to let me turn it over. Next thing you know, “Belly Pork anyone?” and i’m flipping my card back to green and begging for more.


This is the kind of place i’d go to only after eating light during the day. As impressive as the salad bar is and not forgetting the bread and cheese selection, if you load up on this, you won’t have much room for all of the meat on offer. Estabulo also offers  a selection of Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal and Fish dishes, so you really do have something for everyone.


To round the evening off we headed to Turtle Bay for dessert. To be honest I don’t know how I had any room left, but my dessert stomach saved the day and I was able to order a Dark Chocolate Brownie served with vanilla ice cream.

For those of you who haven’t come across the informative meme about dessert stomachs I urge you to google it, but if you can’t be bothered to Google, it’s a secondary stomach reserved solely for when the primary stomach is full, but you can’t resist dessert. I’m convinced we all have one.

Turtle Bay isn’t just about desserts, this just happened to be our final destination of the night. They do awesome starters, mains, cocktails and desserts and from personal experience I can really recommend their Island Iced Tea’s and their delicious goat curry.

So there you have it. A little tour of some of the fabulous bars and restaurants that The Light Leeds has to offer. Great for a night out or date night and not forgetting you also have a VUE cinema and Nuffield Health Gym. With so many places to visit in Leeds, I really enjoyed rediscovering the light and the idea to change things up a bit, explore more places and is there anything wrong with enjoying cocktails in one bar or restaurant and a main or dessert in another?

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