Flawless Makeup with the Magnitone BlendUp Makeup Brush


After my husband took it upon himself to organise my makeup collection and count my makeup brushes (apparently I have 77, I’m too scared to do a recount as I fear it could be true) the last thing I should have done is spend £63.89 (p&p included) on the Magnitone BlendUP Makeup Brush, but I did. I was browsing the QVCUK app and spotted this on 3 easy pay instalments and within 30 seconds I’d tapped the app and ordered it. I had heard good things about this brush and the best thing about QVC is that if the product doesn’t live up to the hype or if it wasn’t for you, you can return it within 30 days and get your money back. For £63.89, I needed this brush to be amazing.

According to the product description, this brush is supposed to blend your makeup flawlessly like a pro with it’s Vibra-Sonic movements stimulating your skin for a natural and healthy finish, resulting in a soft airbrushed effect. I love the word ‘airbrushed’ and I so want my foundation/makeup to be described as flawless and airbrushed.

Does it live up to the hype??

Yes, absolutely. My foundation has never looked so good and I can honestly describe my complexion as flawless. It blends my foundation, concealer and cream contour beautifully, although I do prefer to just use it for foundation and concealer. I love it when I’m complemented on my makeup and my husband noticed the difference straight away and told me that my makeup looked different and beautiful. A few friends asked if I was using a different foundation and were amazed when I told them it was the brush.

This brush can blend liquid, cream and powder products and I was keen to put this to the test and see how well it would work with my Original Bare Minerals foundation. This foundation really is about buffing the minerals into your skin and I thought the Vibra-Sonic movements would really help. First Impressions, personally I felt that I used a lot more of the product than I would with a regular brush, especially when the brush was turned on. So after I couple of days I decided to just use the brush without the vibra-sonic movements and it seemed to look better and used less product. 

Useful Tips

Fully charge your brush – If you don’t fully charge it, it will flash red and run out on you mid application. When this happened it annoyed me a little but the brush quality is still excellent and it still blends your makeup beautifully the old fashioned way. I like to leave my brush to charge overnight, once per week.

Personal preference when applying liquid foundation – I prefer to pump the foundation on to the back of my hand and then dot it on my face using my finger. I found I used less product this way and probably used an extra half-to a full pump of foundation when I applied direct to the brush or dabbed my brush into the foundation.

A little liquid foundation goes a long way – Using the method above to apply your foundation helps to use the right amount of foundation and allows you to build coverage as required.

Consider buying an extra brush head – If like me you like to keep your tools separate (one brush for foundation & one for cream contour/bronzer) consider purchasing an extra brush head for £20.00. Magnitone have 3 different brush heads available and the BuffBlend may work with a mineral foundation better. To view the heads, click here.

Products that worked well for me with this brush – Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation, Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation and the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer.

Final Thoughts……

I can’t/won’t apply my foundation without this brush. I’m in-love with the overall finish and the speed at which I can now apply and blend my foundation. Yes it seems or at least it did to me at first, to be a little pricey, but considering how many beauty blenders I go through, it’s actually quite economical. Like most makeup lovers I spend a lot of money on makeup and I want it to look as amazing as possible. I want people to comment on my makeup and how flawless it looks and this brush does that for me.

Have you tried the Magnitone BlendUp Brush and what are your thoughts?




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