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House Of Fraser Leeds has recently had a makeover and to celebrate the launch of their new beauty hall, I was invited in store to try the new Benito Brow Bar. Brows are the bane of my daily makeup routine and I probably spend more time each morning trying to make them look related than I do on the rest of my face, but after a recent visit to the Benito Brow Bar my brows are as close to identical as they have ever been after getting them threaded and shaped.

This was my first threading experience and I had no idea what to expect. I won’t lie to you – it hurt. I’m talking eye watering pain, especially the left brow and before we got started on the right I considered calling it a day and living with odd brows for the rest of my life. A little dramatic I know, but I’m a whimp with a very low pain threshold. The lovely lady threading my brows did tell me the left always hurts more than the right and she wasn’t kidding, I found the right eye almost pleasurable in comparison and it’s one of those pains that you quickly get used to.

Benito Brow Bar Chair

The chair is actually quite comfy and after having my brows threaded I was given a complimentary hand massage and by the time it was over I was super relaxed and not ready to leave the chair. So what do you think of my tidy brows? I know some areas are a little sparse, but I have been told that if I look after them, the hair will soon grow back.

My Benito Brow Bar Experience


Now that I have near perfect brows I was keen to know how often I need to visit the brow bar to keep them in tip top shape and they recommend roughly every three weeks. I think I will stretch it to four and make it a payday treat. If you are looking to get your brows tinted, you will need to visit at least 24 hours beforehand for a patch test and no appointment is necessary. Not having to book is what I like most about it, along with the friendly ladies working at the bar and the only downside is that you are kind of display and have no privacy whatsoever, but it depends if you are bothered about random strangers staring at you. Treatments available include: threading, tinting and lash extensions and after getting my patch test done, I will be heading back soon for a today up and brow tint.

Benito Brow Bar - Leeds House Of Fraser

Have you tried Benito before?


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