Glow in the dark bingo #letsglow

When you get an email telling you that you are invited to a secret blogger event and that your invite needs to be sent by post, you can’t help but get a a little excited and spend time incorrectly guessing what the event is going to be. So imagine my surprise when I received a black card through the post with a UV light that doubles as a laser pen (happy cats, thanks for that) and I discover that I have been invited to blogger glow in the dark bingo, courtesy of Ladbrokes.



The love of my life doesn’t share my desire for exotic holiday destinations and hot weather, so to keep him and our budget happy, we have been looking at holidaying in the UK more and more. Just this year we did a 5 day break in London, last year we stayed in the beautiful market town of Beverly and we have been having short breaks at my brothers caravan in Mabletherpe over the past few years. I love the seaside and coastal towns and we often take day trips to the seaside when we want to relax or just get away from it all. We can spend hours just walking along the beach. (more…)

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Help me choose my Ladbrokes Ladies Day Outfit

I have been invited to my first ever Ladies Day at Doncaster Races and I have been challenged to put together some outfits. Fashion isn’t my forte, but I think I have managed to put together some good looks. Let me know your favourite in the comments.

I’m starting off with one of my favourites. I spotted this lovely Grazia Geo Ombre Print Maxi Dress on the SimplyBe site long before ladies day popped up and this would be the perfect excuse to buy it. I have paired it with Sole Diva Block Heeled shoes again from SimplyBe, a Textured Zip Clutch from Topshop and a Andrea Flowers Fascinator On Comb from Accessorize. I love the pop of colour the bag and dress gives to the outfit. (more…)


Tangle Angel- Review and giveaway

How pretty is my new hair brush and don’t you just want one? Keep reading, you might just be in luck. Last month I attended the awesome The City Girls event and I was lucky enough to win my very own Tangle Angel. I already own a Tangle Teezer and it does a great job of getting through my thick hair, but one thing that really let’s it down is the lack of a handle. That little brush fly’s out of my hand most days and either terrifies the cat or hits her on the head, so the idea of having a detangler that comes with a handle should keep the cat happy and my thick hair manageable. (more…)



Pom poms are in. Well they seem to be if you take a walk around the accessories area of a River Island store. Needing a new purse because the old one refused to open at really awkward moments, like when i’m trying to pay for something, I thought I would nip in to River Island at the weekend and see if I could find the purse of my dreams. It took me less than 10 seconds to spot this Light green pom pom trim zip around purse and it was love at first sight. I must have been a cat in a previous life or something, because the sight of the orange pom pom  had me so transfixed and excited, I knew that this was he purse for me. Yes, a purse had me excited. I find it doesn’t usually take much. (more…)



What goes well with summer? COCKTAILS! I love cocktails and I love the yummy food that Cabana has to offer, so for me the two go perfectly together. Cabana have launched a new tropical cocktail menu and I was invited along to their Leeds Trinity restaurant to give them a try. It’s a tough job, but someone has got to do it. (more…)


My fitness year

My gym membership is up for renewal and I can’t believe that 12 months of trying to get fit and healthy have gone by so quickly. I had been wanting to join a gym for years, but I never had the confidence to do it or just stopped before signing that membership form. Finally last year a switch seemed to flip and I decided to just stop thinking, start doing and sign up. So what have I been up to? (more…)


#The City Girls Event


One day out of nowhere I got a notification from twitter to say that I had been followed by @TheCityGirls. At this point I had no clue what or who they were and thought that some exclusive club had decided to follow me. A little digging and I discovered that The City Girls is actually a collective of UK bloggers, founded by @lornadevans and @teaandblush, with the the aim to bring bloggers and brands together. Doesn’t that sound lovely? (more…)

Hawaii Collection by OPI Review
I love this baby pink from @opinailsuk that @justmylook sent me

Hawaii Collection by OPI Review

The closest I'm going to get to the tropical paradise that is Hawaii is owning the OPI Hawaii Little Hulas Collection that JustMyLook kindly sent me to try and review. This pack contains…

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