Youngblood Brow Artiste Kit Review

Brows are my least favourite part of makeup application. Forget about trying to make them look like sisters, I would settle for them to to look like distant cousins when…

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Boots Beauty Weekend

Not too long ago I posted about the Beauty Weekend that Boots were going to be holding in partnership with Macmillan cancer support. Wanting to make my own donation and have a nosey at all the exciting things going on in-store, I headed to Boots Trinity on the Saturday. (more…)


Alchemist Late Labs – Trinity Leeds

The Alchemist invited me to pay them a visit for the launch of their new ‘Late Labs’ and being a fan of cocktails, I just couldn’t resist. After 11pm the restaurant closes and ‘Late Labs’ takes over. With twinkling lights and private tables, The Alchemist turns into a great late night venue, serving interesting and delicious drinks.   (more…)


London Diaries – Day 2

A bigger delay than anticipated between London posts, but this week I thought I would share what we got up to on day two. If you want to recap on…

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Boots beauty weekend for Macmillan cancer support


Boots Beauty Weekend


This weekend Boots UK are holding a Beauty Event for Macmillan Cancer Support. Almost everyone knows a person who has been touched by cancer in some way and Macmillan provide vital support to people affected by cancer. I will always remember the Macmillan nurse that sat in on a consultation I attended with my mum and how kind she was to me when I got upset.Thankfully for my mum it wasn’t cancer, but in those moments and when we were waiting for biopsy results, the nurse offered us the support we needed. (more…)


Glow in the dark bingo #letsglow

When you get an email telling you that you are invited to a secret blogger event and that your invite needs to be sent by post, you can’t help but get a a little excited and spend time incorrectly guessing what the event is going to be. So imagine my surprise when I received a black card through the post with a UV light that doubles as a laser pen (happy cats, thanks for that) and I discover that I have been invited to blogger glow in the dark bingo, courtesy of Ladbrokes.

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