An Afternoon With Oriflame

Photo(40)A few Saturdays ago I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a fabulous event for Oriflame, held at The Living Room in Leeds with celebrity makeup artist and brand ambassador Gary Cockerill in attendance. It was an excellent opportunity to get together with other bloggers, get to know more about this brand and get some tips and tricks from an amazing makeup artist.

Now, I’m going to be honest, Oriflame was not really on my radar before I got the invite, I’m now aware that it is a big deal in other countries, especially Sweden, but I have never really seen any publicity about it here. As a former Avon rep and after hearing the comparisons, I was definitely intrigued as like Avon, you can buy from them direct or through a representative.

I arrived at The Living Room a little early, and was directed up the stairs to a private area, complete with it’s own bar and offered a lovely glass of prosecco while the organizers finished setting up the event. After a lovely catch up with other bloggers we were directed  through to the next room and got our first glimpse of the collection, some yummy looking cupcakes (image above) and my eyes were immediately drawn to the most amazing makeup kit below, complete with it’s own beauty mirror. This is the stuff of dreams people.

Photo(45)We had a quick introduction from the event organisers and were then introduced to Gary, who I was surprised to hear is a northern lad and former pit worker, who moved to London and ended up becoming a well known and respected makeup artist, whose clients include; Kelly Brook, Rachel Weiss and Amanda Holden. I could go on, but there are too many to name drop and this blog post is going to be lengthy as it is. After getting to know Gary, he explained about his relationship with Oriflame and “the one collection” 

So what is “The one collection”? So far it is an introduction of 30 products, and the beginning of the largest makeup collection in Oriflame’s history, that is separated into 3 categories; Everyday Beauty, High Impact and Longwear. I don’t remember all the info that was given at the event (I blame the heat), but I did manage to find a great and passionate description from Gary that you can find by clicking here.  He was keen to show us the makeup and demonstrate some tips, and for that he required volunteers. I wasn’t brave enough to sit in the makeup chair but a few other bloggers were.

Yuna (tech bunny) was first up and we were all surprised to hear that she never puts anything on her lips and was keen to try some lip products. Gary really wanted to demonstrate an on-trend and bold lip. We learned from the demonstration the best way to make sure that your chosen lip colour lasts and how to effectively apply lip liner. As you can see from the pic below, the results were stunning and I think that she should definitely start using more lip products.


Next up was Ellie (misellyre) and she was keen to focus on her lashes, which turned out to be a perfect introduction for Gary’s own lash line and the fabulous volume blast mascara from the collection. At the event it was difficult to tell if the results were because of the falsies, the mascara or both. I was lucky enough to receive a tube in the awesome goodie bag provided by Oriflame and can confirm that the mascara is simply amazing and is now a part of my everyday makeup routine.

Our last demo was of the one colour impact cream eye shadows, which are quite similar to the maybeline tattoo range, but in my opinion with much more oomph behind them. Gary explained that if you put a powder shadow on before, you intensify the cream shadow, give it something to stick to and make it last longer. I was lucky enough to receive the exact shade below and can’t wait to try this look.

Photo(43) Photo(42)On our way out, we were gifted with lovely goodie bags from Oriflame, containing some products from the one collection. Now, I was a lucky little blogger because my bag seemed to contain some extra products (thank you very much Oriflame). So far I am loving the volume blast mascara and the one eye liner stylo

It was a great event and I just want to say a big thank you to Oriflame and Faith PR for organizing the event and I can’t praise the living room staff enough. They were the perfect hosts and provided some amazing food. I was too busy eating it to take some pics for you, but I will be going back in the future to sample more of their delights. It was a hot day and the air con was broken, but the staff were great and kept us all hydrated with whatever we wanted.

Individual product reviews and swatches from the collection will be coming soon, until then why not visit their site;


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