Alchemist Late Labs – Trinity Leeds

The Alchemist invited me to pay them a visit for the launch of their new ‘Late Labs’ and being a fan of cocktails, I just couldn’t resist. After 11pm the restaurant closes and ‘Late Labs’ takes over. With twinkling lights and private tables, The Alchemist turns into a great late night venue, serving interesting and delicious drinks.  

Alchemist-ketttle for four

We arrived at 11:30pm and we were greeted by friendly Alchemist staff and promptly shown to our candle lit table for four. We then got to experience the preparation of our very own Kettles. I love drinking tea from a traditional Teapot and I was delighted with these smoking kettles. All drinks are served with rock glasses, ice and garnished with fresh fruit. For our drinks this included fresh; orange slices, Lime slices and grapes.

We tried the Hawaiin Punch first and I have to say this was a favourite for everyone. With a tropical combination of; Ketal One, Southern Comfort, Amaretto, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice and grenadine, it’s a very fruity & refreshing drink. I personally prefer more tropical cocktails, so this one was perfect for me and it has a very sweet, almost sherbert aftertaste.

hawaiin punch- alchemist

Our second kettle of the night was the Watermelon Man. I was a little apprehensive about this one at first as shock horror, I’m not a big fan of gin, but this one actually surprised me and tasted quite nice. It tasted much stronger than our first drink and no wonder with, Ketal One, Bombay Dry, Bacardi & Cointreau mixed with cranberry, lemonade, lime and watermelon.

watermelon man-alchemist

A kettle for four actually goes a long way and before we knew it we found ourselves having to drink up when closing time came around. This was disappointing because I had seen so many fabulous drinks go past and I planned on trying them all. We had a great evening and I would definitely go back with a group of friends or just the two of us on date night. The music playing still gives a great bar atmosphere, but it’s not so loud that you can’t hold a conversation. Now that I have sampled the drinks, I can’t wait to go back and try the food.

Have you visited The Alchemist?




  • Jealous I bet this was amazing

    • It was a great evening and a great opportunity to give Alchemist a try. I really need to try their food! x

  • Ahh, that sounds like you had wonderful time! Believe it or not I haven’t been to Alchemist yet and I lived in Leeds for so long! And I heard so much about it! I think I’ll have to take my man or some friends very soon! I like the fact that they don’t play the music loud, I get very annoyed by that (old age)!
    Dash Xx | Mode Lily

    • You should visit any time of day. Yeah, I liked the music, but it’s always nice to not have to shout to have a conversation. The cocktails are amazing.

  • The ‘Late Labs’ sounds incredible! I’ve been and tried a couple of drinks, and like you I’m desperate to go try the food as well!

    Joe | x

    • If their cocktails are anything to go by, we need to try the food x

  • Kel

    I’ve still never been to the Alchemist, oops! I want one of those kettles for home though!

    • I know, sadly my bag wasn’t big enough and I thought it might be frowned upon 😀 x

  • The Hawaiian punch sounds amazing & something I would totally drink allllll night!
    Bee |

    • Yeah, definitely your kind of drink x

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