A must for your handbag!


How have I never come across one of these before?? Apologies to any male blog readers, who might not really want to read about this (I know I have one at least), but how amazing is this little cary case from Always Ultra? I got this free when I bought a pack from boots last week and I feel like I have found gold. I don’t know if this has every happened to anyone else but it has on a few occasions to me. (Queue embarrassing story) Your in a shop, rummaging through your bag, trying to find your purse so that you can pay and ‘AHA’ you find that purse, pull it out, only to pull out a sanitary towel along with it. I have never been more mortified in my life and I don’t think the poor male sales assistant has either. Well no more embarrassment for me, I have a nice container to hide my lady things in and save any future embarrassment. 

I picked this up from boots last week and you can get a variety of cases. Doesn’t cost you any extra, it’s free.


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